Biological oxygen demand bod of water sample analysis essay

Using a DO Meter If you are using a dissolved oxygen meter, be sure that it is calibrated immediately prior to use. If so, be sure to record that number on the field data sheet.

Biological oxygen demand (BOD)

The solubility of atmospheric oxygen in fresh waters ranges from If you are collecting duplicate samples, label the duplicate bottle with the correct code, which should be determined prior to sampling by the lab supplying the bottles. This will make the use of BOD for on-line process monitoring and control a more plausible proposition.

Typically, the concentration of fecal coliforms found in raw wastewater is about several hundred thousand to ten of million per ml of sample.

However, fairly high concentration of nitrates and excessive presence of total culturable bacteria indicate an underlying fecal contamination. There are gases that are dissolved in wastewater, the specific gases and normal concentrations are based upon the composition of the wastewater.

Temperature of waste water is commonly higher than that of the water supply because of the addition of warm water from households and industrial plants. The results are read directly as milligrams per liter, unlike the titration methods, in which the final titration result might have to be converted by an equation to milligrams per liter.

Biosensor[ edit ] An alternative to measure BOD is the development of biosensors, which are devices for the detection of an analyte that combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector component.

Biochemical oxygen demand

Samples with extreme pH values and samples containing disinfectants such as residual chlorine must be treated prior to testing. A pinkish yellow color is a characteristic of waste water that have undergone some decomposition or that have been on the collection system for sometime.

In primary treatment, physical operations such as screening and sedimentation are used to remove the floating and settleable solids found in wastewater.

Measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (Bod)

Operating manual for the meter and probe Extra membranes and electrolyte solution for the probe Extra batteries for the meter Extension pole Data sheet for dissolved oxygen to record results TASK 2 Confirm that you are at the proper location The directions for sampling should provide specific information about the exact point in the stream from which you are to sample; e.

Trub which is an effluent is drained off after cooling has been done and the cooled wort is transferred to fermentation vessels where fermentation takes place in the presence of yeast. It is measured in terms of bicarbonates, carbonate and hydroxide alkalinity. Since less dissolved oxygen is available in the water, fish and other aquatic organisms may not survive.

It is an important rapidly measured parameter for stream and industrial waste studies and control of waste treatment plants. COD values are taken as basic for calculation of efficiency of treatment plants.

It is possible, however, to prepare the sample in the field and deliver it to a lab for titration.

Biological oxygen demand (BOD)

Its mean only sample from group 1 is under control and can be entitled as clean. Procedure; Add ml dilute water then take DO reading immediately Closed properly and keep into the incubator C. Caustic alkalinity or acidity can prevent bacteria from growing during the course of the BOD test.

Keep the bottle under water and allow it to overflow for 2 or 3 minutes to ensure that no air bubbles are trapped. Samples may be kept for no more than 48 hours before beginning the BOD test. Nitrates and phosphates in a body of water can contribute to high BOD levels.

2 Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand

You can do a field check of the meter's accuracy by calibrating it in saturated air according to th e manufacturer's instructions. If you are taking the sample to the lab for titration, no further action is necessary.

Although the collection of storm water and drainage dates from ancient times, the collection of wastewater can be traced only to the early s. Since many of the components present in a raw wastewater can serve as a nutrient for microorganisms, most domestic wastewaters will undergo some decomposition and usually any available dissolved oxygen supplies are consumed during travel through the sewer system.

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) of water sample analysis Essay. B. Pages:1 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) would therefore be the difference between the DO of sample A and sample B.

We will write a custom essay sample on Biological oxygen demand (BOD) of water sample analysis. Biological oxygen demand (BOD) is defined as the quantity of dissolved oxygen that is required by the micro-organisms for the biodegradation of organic matter present in a water body.

BOD Analysis: Basics and Particulars. Any reference to product or company Troubleshoot: GGA and dilution water issues •Chemical oxygen demand (COD) BOD? None of the alternatives provide a better assessment of the bioavailability of a waste like the BOD test.

BOD directly affects the amount of dissolved oxygen in rivers and streams.

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The rate of oxygen consumption is affected by a number of variables: temperature, pH, the presence of certain kinds of microorganisms, and the type of organic and inorganic material in the water.

Title: Laboratory 2: Measurement of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Objective To determine the amount of oxygen necessary for biological oxidation of wastewater effluent and determine the amount of oxygen required by bacteria while stabilizing decomposable organic matter.

Chemical characteristics of wastewater can be described in terms of chemical oxygen demand (COD),Biological oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved gases CHEMICAL OXYGEN DEMAND (COD) This is a measure of the amount of oxidizable matter present in the sample that is susceptible to oxidation by a strong chemical oxidants.

Biological oxygen demand bod of water sample analysis essay
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